Steve Whitemore cleaned up at the Mooneyes event.....Chris Whitney runner
up.....quarters..Jack Goodrich & Denny Sanders......Great time as usual was had
by all.......check out www.bangshift.com for pictues.......Todd had his new
ride out for the first time.....He ran extremely well for the first time
out.......if you did not make the event, you missed out on a super
happening.........next time

photos courtesy bangshift.com

CHRR 19 OCTOBER 15-17, 2010---


After 2 days of qualifying and a long wait after first round of eliminations we were rained out of the 19th edition of the Hot Rod Reunion. 8 cars were in the lanes ready for round 2 when the race was called for wind and rain. Several members of the group stuck around for a possible finish in monday morning but the weather wouldnt turn our way and the event was cancelled. The "Flyin Dutch Fox" was awarded the trophy after her qualifying effort where Lynsi ran deep into the 8s. We all had a great time as usual if you havent made it to this event it should definitely be on your list...

photos courtesy gasser madness




      If you were not there, you missed a heck of a great time.  We made three
laps around the NASCAR track with the official pace car in the lead.  Most
everyone did a monster burnout in front of the crowd each time we passed the
grandstands.  After the laps, our cars were put on display next to the
grandstands.  There were several nitro cars there also.  They fired up and did a
mini crackle fest for the crowd. 

      After the opening ceremonies Ernie invited us up to his box where we
enjoyed catered food and adult drinks.  Thanks Ernie. 

     The weather was great for night racing , t-shirts and shorts were in
order.  We had one car break a third member while doing laps around the track. 
The nascar wrecker picked it up from the back and hauled it out to the parking
lot.  Wished I could say the weather was great for day time racing but I would
not be telling the truth.  One hundred to one hundred and two was in order for
the next day.  You were pretty drenched with moisture when you finally returned
to your pit spot. 

     The place was packed, stands were full and fence lines were packed all the
way back on the return road.  I know the crowd really enjoyed the AFX cars.  We
had some excellent close racing despite the heat.  The dog leg after the shut
down and the lanes merging into one was not a major issue.  The track did get a
little loose for my car but did not affect others, overall it was OK for all. 

      Chico from Moon Eyes called yesterday and invited us back for the December
event.  We had fourteen cars participate this time.  Hope to have a full sixteen
cars Field for the December show.  If you want to run with the group in
December, you need to contact me so that I can start putting the field
together.  We had reserved parking and were able to bring our rigs in a day
early.  Did not have to fight any traffic jams.  The parking spots were a little
tight but adequate.
      Congrats to Ernie for winning the event.  He really had the Green Machine
pumping air.  Ernie offered to roll the money over to the next event.  We have
have a six hundred dollar pot to run at in December.  Some of the races are on
Utube, search Moon Eyes 2010 and they should pop up..
      Joel should have an update on our web site later this week.  We have been
invited to run at Barona on the 21st of August.  This will be a night race, six
to midnight.  The track will put up a purse for our class.  Let me know if you
can make it, we need numbers....If you have not attended a race at the Barona
track, you have been missing something.  All the track owners have race cars and
treat you the way they would want to be treated as racers

DRAGFEST 3 MAY 1-2, 2010----




Dragfest 3 was scheduled for May 1-2, then calceled for rain, then back on again for what turned out to be a beautiful weekend in bakersfield. We had a new winner in Justin Ruby, and a good weekend for Ernie and his White Trash Racing team with a runner up finish. We had a few new cars out and the usual dragfest drive-in movies and a backup girl that seemed to be well recieved among everybody. Anna from a few of the Traditional Hot Rod Mags was kind enough to professionally shoot our cars and our group, look for those pice here later. We might even make it into print ! Thanks to those that came out and check back to the schedule as we may add a race at Barona in June...